📺 Novatech FX – Business Presentation by CEO Cynthia Petion 📈

In this video you can watch a full Novatech FX business presentation made by CEO, Cynthia Petion


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More info 👉 https://novatech.alfonsosanchez.net/en/#presentacion

Novatech FX is a subsidiary of Novapay LLC which has years of history. Novatech focuses on customers known as their clients and offers its clients the ability to trade in the forex and crypto currency markets either with their hands off PAMM accounts or with the Metratrader 5.

Novatech FX currently generates revenue from various streams of income such as Forex trading, crypto currency trading, ATMs, crypto currency mining and FinTech with debit card and credit card services. Novatech’s products and services are backed by these revenue streams. The Executive Staff contains over 40 years of combined experiences in Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrencies, Crypto and Forex trading, Professional Networking, Leadership and Team Building, Software and Project management, Computer and Network Engineering, Finance and Education. Novatech’s trusted Team of Professionals can be heavily relied upon to deliver exemplary results to your online business.

Novatech differentiates itself because NovaTech was established in June 2019 as a legally registered Hedge Fund company in order to provide customers with affordable financial solutions, including the trading of cryptocurrencies and Forex online using the most sophisticated and latest technologies available. NovaTech is a registered MetaTrader broker operating its own trading platform with one of the deepest liquidity pools in the industry. Their own broker which allows them better control over how their EA (expert advisors) and live traders operate.

Novatech not only relies on an EA (Expert Advisor) which is AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make profitable trades, but always has a staff of 5-7 traders who trade various amounts of the trading pool based on their skillsets. Novatech never has more than a small percentage of the trading balance at risk at any given time helping to mitigate risk of account wipes. Customers are paid weekly every Friday for any profits that were generated the week before in trading bonuses. For Affiliate commissions, they are calculated during the week and are paid every Saturday.

There are 4 founders in Novatech. The CEO is Reverend Cynthia Petion, COO Mr. Eddy Petion, Deborah Brazil and Ricardo Roy, Sr. These people have a combined experience in not only blockchain technology but in various needed skills such as Computer and Network Engineering, Professional Networking, Team Building and Leadership and more.

Their mission statement, integrity, stability, consistency & compliance makes me proud to share this.

More info 👉 https://novatech.alfonsosanchez.net/en/#presentacion

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